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Mobile Services

    Real Texas Vending specializes in Mobile ATM machines for all kinds of events and special locations. We install, monitor, service, and maintain the machines through the entire event. Our professional and curtious staff is willing and able to help you in any way to ensure that your event goes as planned. We do all types of events including outdoor festivals, concerts, to indoor trade shows and conventions.  Our calendar is filling up for this year so be sure and call to book your event Today!!!! Just click on the "contact us" tab to get our phone number, or email.

       All of our mobile ATM Machines are fully A.D.A. compliant. This means they include several features that assist everyone in completing a successful transaction. Every machine includes audio assistance for the visually impaired. They also have lighted L.E.D. indicators to prompt the hearing impaired through the transaction. Each machines includes standard A.D.A. compliant keypad configuration which includes braile decals. Our ATM machines have full color screens, which can be used to promote your event, as well as your future events.

      Our wireless ATM Machines allow for the most flexible location placement options on the market. Not restricted by chords or cables we can virtually place these ATM'S anywhere at your event. From the highest traffic areas, to the most remote locations, we've got you covered when it comes to mobile ATM Machines.

      We offer the easiest Mobile ATM experience in the Metroplex. We provide all necessary equipment for events including wireless modems, and signage. Our wireless modems offer the fastest 4g ethernet connection available, which reduces lines, and increases productivity for your event. Our experienced on-site technicians ensure that every mobile ATM is on-line, dispensing cash, and operating properly. Throughout the duration of each and every special event, we monitor, maintain, service, and replinish the ATM'S without an interruption of service to your patrons.  Our experience and operating procedures ensure continuous ATM service during your busiest weekends when our mobile ATMs are used the most. Call us to book your next event!

Vending machines & certain games may be available for your event as well.  Call to discuss the possibilities.

Authorized Nautilus Hyosung Service Dealer

As a local leader in ATM placement, events, mobile ATM'S, service, sales, and processing services. We strive to exceed our clients expectations with round the clock service, secure remote monitoring, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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